Innovative at the New York Audio Show 2013 – Friday 12th through Sunday 14 April 2013

Mark your calendars for April 12-14! Come join us at the New York Audio Show at the Palace Hotel.

We have three locations in the show. Be sure to stop by the 4th Floor Stanford & Rutherford Rooms, which will include:

  • Peter McGrath presenting Wilson Audio’s Alexia and Sasha loudspeakers
  • Dan D’Agostino presenting his Momentum Super Analog preamplifier with Momentum monoblock & stereo amplifiers
  • Luke Manley and Bea Lamm from VTL presenting their TL-7.5-III Reference preamplifier and TP-6.5 phono stage
  • Vladimir Lamm presenting his M1.2 Reference hybrid monoblock amplifiers and LP2 Deluxe phono stage
  • Spiral Groove S2 turntable with Centroid tonearm and Lyra Kleos cartridge
  • Naim NDS network player & DAC with 555PS power supply, CDX2 transport, and UnitiServe SSD media server
  • Meridian MediaSource 600 and MediaDrive 600 digital media server
  • MSB Technologies Diamond DAC IV plus, Diamond power base, Platinum Data CD IV, and Signature power base
  • Transparent Audio Reference XL & Reference cables, interconnects, and power products

On the 5th Floor in Hubbard I Room, Booth #HZ5, we’ll be presenting (and selling!):

  • Meridian Explorer USB DACs
  • Bowers & Wilkins headphones
  • Grado headphones

Also visit Colleen Murphy’s Classic Album Sunday, and Michael Fremer’s turntable setup workshops, in the 5th Floor’s Garrison Room, to hear:

  • Wilson Audio Maxx3 loudspeakers
  • VTL Siegfried II monoblock amplifiers, TL-7.5-III preamplifier, and TP-6.5 phono stage
  • Spiral Groove SG1.1 turnable with Centroid tonearm and Lyra Atlas cartridge
  • Transparent Opus cables & interconnects and Reference MM2 power isolators

And join us after the show for an Evening Reception, Friday and Saturday nights until 10pm, in our Showrooms at 150 East 58th Street! During the reception, you’ll have the additional opportunity to talk with our guest presenters from Wilson, D’Agostino, VTL, and Meridian. And in our showrooms, we’ll be playing:

  • Wilson Alexandria XLF, Sasha, Sophia 3, and Duette loudspeakers
  • VTL Siegfried II monoblock amplifiers, S-200 stereo amplifier, and TL-7.5-III and TL-6.5 pre-amplifiers, and TP-2.5-II phono stage
  • D’Agostino Momentum pre-amplifier and stereo amplifier
  • Lamm L2 pre-amplifier
  • Meridian MediaSource 600 digital streamer
  • MSB Technologies Analog DAC
  • Transparent Opus and Reference cables and interconnects
  • Spectral SDR-4000SL CD player, DMC-30ss2 pre-amplifier, and DMA-360-2 monoblock amplifiers

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