NYAS 2013: “the best of multiple worlds” & “clear, distinct, precise, even sparkly”

Read Ken Micallef’s reviews on Positive Feedback from his first day and his second day at the New York Audio Show.

Of our Wilson, D’Agostino, MSB, Meridian, & Transparent system, he writes (half-way down the page) “…here was the best of multiple worlds. Playing everything from gospel to tango, the Innovative Audio system had incredible weight, purity of sound, vibrancy, tone and speed. There was a visceral impact to the system’s delivery of the notes, a sense of hyper-reality…”

Of our Wilson, Lamm, VTL, Spiral Groove, Naim, & Transparent system, he writes writes (middle of the page) that “the sound was clear, distinct, precise, even sparkly. Nice timbre.”