NYAS 2013: Enjoy the Music says “the crowd goes wild” (and other fetishes!)

Ok, so maybe in this context, Enjoy The Music’s Steven Rochlin is referring (in the middle of the page) to Colleen Murphy’s Classic Album Sundays. But we’re pretty sure that our system — Wilson Maxx3, VTL TL-7.5-III & TP-6.5, Spiral Groove SG1.1, Lyra Atlas, and Transparent Opus — helped make it spectacular!

EnjoyTheMusic-DSC00203 EnjoyTheMusic-DSC00201

And Enjoy the Music also revealed their fetish for both the D’Agostino Momentum Ultra-Analog pre-amplifier and Grand Prix Audio Monaco equipment racks!

Actually, we couldn’t agree more!!

EnjoyTheMusic-DSC00220 EnjoyTheMusic-DSC00221 EnjoyTheMusic-DSC00222

And they found us on Sunday to enjoy the Meridian Explorer USB DAC!



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