Introducing Devialet Phantom

We are excited to announce the arrival of Devialet Phantom, the ultimate all-in-one wireless music system as powerful as it is beautiful.

Be the first to experience your music at a volume and clarity never before achieved in a package so small. Come listen for yourself today at our showroom before the official United States debut in September!

“There’s no other system on the market that puts out this kind of sound for this kind of money.” Read more

Cool Hunting
“Phantom makes big promises—no background noise, no saturation (the sound stays precise even as the volume is cranked up) and no distortion—but lives up to them.” Read more.

“I could almost feel the guitar strings in my hand.” Read more.

To experience or pre-order your Phantom, call us at (212) 634-4444 or visit our showroom on 150 East 58th Street.