Introducing the DMC-30SV “Super Veloce” Reference Preamplifier from Spectral

Spectral’s new DMC “Super Veloce” is the fourth generation in the DMC-30 family, utilizing Spectral exclusive technologies to evolve an already state-of-the-art preamp to a new level of quality and musical realism.

We are excited to welcome this product to the Innovative family, appreciating the preamplifiers role as an integral aspect of a great music system.

The DMC-30SV raises the bar in signal control and amplification – with the most accurate and sophisticated circuits yet developed for music reproduction, improved custom components for precision compensation, and various other refinements. the result is higher resolution, greater dynamics, and improved harmonic structure.


  • Full feature remote control operates all functions
  • Indicator displays are clearly visible from a distance
  • New generation high-level output section topology
  • Improved SHHA G3 ultra high-speed hybrid amplifier modules with ultra precision compensation components
  • 80 volts peak-to-peak output voltage for unprecedented dynamics
  • Relays allow signal control selection at the optimal point in the circuitry, maintaining the shortest signal path
  • Microprocessor “sleep mode” and silent display architecture
  • Ultra low-noise “silent power” supply system, with floating ground shunt regulation.
  • Three-tiered architecture takes maximum advantage of differential operation
  • Optically isolated protection systems for maximum signal purity
  • Custom semiconductor devices developed exclusively for this topology
  • Custom Teflon and polystyrene film capacitors in critical circuit locations
  • Bulk metal ultra precision resistors in critical signal locations


  • 7 inputs: 5 normal, 1 balanced. tape monitor
  • 3 Outputs: normal, balanced, and tape
  • Output Attenuation: Motorized cuÍtom fader conductive plastic, modified log taper
  • Output Balance: Relay attenuator system with center position bypass
  • Mute Swltch: 0, -20 dB attenuation
  • High Level Trim: 0 and -12 dB attenuation for all high level inputs
  • Mode Switches: Stereo/Mono, Absolute Phase
  • Input Select: 6 position, and tape monitor
  • Output Level: display 50 step LED
  • Output Balance: Display 50 step LED
  • Input Impedance: 15K Ohms
  • Output Impedance: 100 ohms
  • Gain: 20 db unbalanced, 26db balanced
  • Recording Amplifiers: Input Impedance 11K ohms, 100 ohms minimum load/Output Impedance 2K ohms
  • Frequency Response
    – DC to 15MMz, -3dB
    – DC to 2,5MMz, -.10dB
    – Any level to 36V RMS
  • Slew Rate: 1000 V/us or greater
  • Risa Time: 70 ns
  • Distortion: Less than .005 % THD and IM
  • Crosstalk: Greater than 95 dB
  • Noise: 108 dB A Weighted, ref 100 mV @ 1 kHz
  • Output Voltage: 1.6 VRMS, 100 V peak to peak maximum
  • Output Current: 1 Amp maximum per channel, balanced out
  • Remote Control: Operates all front panel functions