Introducing Virtual Reality for the Audiophile — 5-9pm Friday 2 December 2016

For our next Meet the Innovators Event, we are extremely proud to announce:

  • Professor Edgar Choueiri from Theoretica Applied Physics, and
  • David Chesky of Chesky Records

present Chesky Records’ Binaural+ Recordings in Full 3D via the BACCH-SP stereo purifier. Live music will be performed, recorded, and played back to demonstrate true 3D imaging unlike any stereo system you’ve heard!

5:00–9:00 pm Friday 2 December 2016

12:00-5:00pm Saturday 3 December 2016

Reservations are required. Space is will be extremely limited. Visit us or for details on the BACCH-SP. RSVP by phone to 212.634.4444 or email to