sw1How do you want the arts to be infused into your daily life? At Innovative Audio Video Showrooms, we pose this question to each client. Our goal is to provide the answer through superior music and video systems that are easy to use and selected to meet our clients’ specific emotional and entertainment needs. We strive to fulfill their desires, while educating them as to how to evaluate which system would be perfect for them.

At Innovative, we consider the best systems to be those that most faithfully reproduce the original recorded sound and/or picture of any given film. Since 1972, we have committed ourselves to providing our customers with top-of-the-line systems that do just that-delivering superlative sound and video across a broad spectrum of prices. We remain in the avant-garde, premiering the latest innovations on a number of the world’s highest performance audio/video components, while advising customers on other established brands that we endorse.

sw3Our five peerless Showrooms feature controlled environments that enable clients to experience the audio-visual equipment on its own merits, without any outside interference or distractions, while demonstrating customization options. Offering complete flexibility, we are able to fine-tune and individualize systems down to the most specific detail, so as to transcend client expectations. Our world-renowned demonstration process is so highly regarded that we have been embraced by some of today’s most influential composers, musicians, and filmmakers alike.

Additionally, our staff comes from a wide variety of fields, such as Architecture, Interior Design, IT, and the Arts. Collectively, we have well over 100 years of expertise in state-of-the-art audio/video reproduction and integration. This qualifies us to assist clients in all aspects of the purchasing process, from choosing the system that will best fit their needs and homes, to even redesigning their homes to properly accommodate their new systems, if so desired.

Among our many products and services are Hi-Fi Stereos, Home Theater Systems, Lighting, Acoustics, Window Treatments, Networks, Telecom, HVAC Integration, and Home Automation Systems with emphasis on ease-of-use. We invite you to participate in the Innovative experience and guarantee that you will leave our showrooms better equipped to appreciate the arts in your life.